About Us

We believe our customers and employees take priority over profits

We're a B Corp

As a Certified B Corp, our commitment extends beyond mere transactions. We forge trust through genuine care for our customers, our communities, and the environments in which we thrive. It’s not just business—it’s a shared journey towards a successful future for all.

Our Core Values

For us IT isn’t just Information Technology, it also stands for Integrity and Transparency. We have redefined the way an IT services company is structured and we operate in an open and ethical manner so that our employees and clients can flourish.


We treat our customers as we would wish to be treated.

As simple as this sounds, most companies fail at living up to this promise. Keep reading below to learn how we have structured our company and policies to deliver on this promise.


We operate in the open.

Virtuas is structured fundamentally different from other IT services companies to ensure transparency at all levels. We consider our clients to be our valued partners and therefore we always operate in an open manner, which keeps things simple: we don’t have to cut corners or cover up mistakes.

We Act with Integrity

We have established ethical operating standards to ensure that we live up to our values.

No Commissions

Our employees do not earn commission, and there is no variable compensation based on sales. This way everyone at Virtuas is focused on delivering the right solutions to clients rather than short-term gains for themselves.

No Vendor Kickbacks

Most vendors provide IT companies with lavish backend rebates, "spiffs", and other incentives. We donate these profits to charity because we're concerned about delivering the right solutions to our clients and not the "hot item" of the month.

Billing Reimagined

We feel that hourly billing is overused in the industry, so we lead with fixed-priced billing for projects and other services whenever possible. When we do bill hourly, it’s often because some clients still prefer to work that way.

Results Not Dollars

Our employee incentive structures are based on customer satisfaction results and project success, not profitability. We believe profits should not be our business purpose, rather profits are the eventual outcome of long-term customer success.

We Conduct Ourselves with Transparency

To maintain a culture of openness that extends to our clients, we have established key operating standards that emphasize these values.

Open Door Policy

Any client may join us for our monthly team meetings where we work on continuous improvement of our services. No one is perfect, but we want you to help us get as close as possible!

Paired Services

Any of our engagements can be "Paired" at no additional cost. This is where your IT staff works side-by-side with our consultants. Any short-term inefficiencies are quickly overcome by having a more knowledgeable staff.

Open Documentation

We are the first Enterprise IT firm that has adopted an Open Documentation policy where our clients have anytime access to all documentation about their IT systems.