Managed Services

Our high-touch approach delivers stability and reliability to your organization's IT systems

Virtuas 360 Managed Services for Small Business

Designed for Companies with 15 to 100 Users

More than 100 users? Contact Us for custom packages and pricing

Frontline UserFor Microsoft 365 Frontline Users

$ 59

Per User
  •  Proactive Monitoring
  • Unlimited 9×5 Help Desk
  • Emergency 24×7 On-Call
  • Designated Technical Lead
  • Modern Workplace Training
  • On-Site Escalation
  • Annual IT Audit
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Standard UserFor Microsoft 365 Users

$ 95

Per User
  •  Proactive Monitoring
  • Unlimited 9×5 Help Desk
  • Emergency 24×7 On-Call
  • Designated Technical Lead
  • Modern Workplace Training
  • On-Site Escalation
  • Annual IT Audit
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StrategicFor the Modern Workplace

$ 199

Per User

Designed for companies who want to leverage the entire Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

  • Microsoft Viva
  • Power Platform
  • SharePoint
  • Security and Compliance
  • Azure infrastructure
  • Many more
Get Strategic
* Monthly payments. All Plans Include 20% Discount for Annual Subscription.
Customizing Virtuas 360 Plans

Add-on Services Available


Discounted Microsoft 365 Licensing

Lower your licensing costs and get first-class support from a Microsoft Gold Partner.

Scheduled On-Site Help Desk

Schedule our support staff for half or full days. We offer significant discounts to all Virtuas 360 customers, regardless of package.

24x7 Help Desk

We can provide around-the-clock remote or on-site help desk when on-call service isn't enough.

Modern Workplace Consulting Services

Future-proof your business with analytics, automation, and collaboration using the latest technologies from Microsoft.

Procurement Services

We provide cost-effective procurement of IT hardware and software.

Resident Resource

Whether short-term or long-term, we can provide IT professionals to augment your team.

Virtuas 360 Frequently Asked Questions


What is a User?

For purposes of our Virtuas 360 plans, a user is any employee who has a Microsoft license. We have dedicated Frontline pricing for users assigned Microsoft 365 Frontline licenses (M365 F1, M365 F3)

What is a Frontline User?

Frontline users are assigned a Microsoft 365 F1 or Microsoft 365 F3 license. Examples of frontline users include warehouse employees, customer service representatives, and call center staff. People in these roles typically do repetitive tasks or use technology in a limited scope.

What is a Standard User?

Standard users are those who have an Office 365, Microsoft 365 Business, or Enterprise license assigned. Examples of standard users include accounting, sales and marketing, and business workers. These are normally knowledge workers who use technology as a major component of their workstream.

Can subscription types be mixed?

Many organizations have a mix of standard users and frontline users, so a blend of Standard and Frontline subscriptions is very common.

Do you have a per-device pricing plan instead of per-user?

We believe in a user-centric support model instead of device-centric. Just like Microsoft 365 subscriptions, we charge per user instead of per device.

Is an annual subscription required?

Absolutely not! We offer Virtuas 360 month-to-month subscriptions. You can also transition from monthly to annual subscription at anytime to take advantage of a 20% discount.

Do add-ons require an annual subscription?

Add-ons work just like the plans. Signing up for an annual commitment provides a discount whereas month-to-month does not.

We're on Google, can you support us?

We work with with a variety of hardware and operating systems that run Microsoft 365, including PC, Mac, and various mobile devices. However, we are specialized in the Microsoft Cloud platform and wouldn’t be a fit for organizations that want to remain on G Suite.

Plan Coverage

What is Modern Workplace training?

Once every quarter, we hold a training session that helps your staff streamline their day-to-day efforts using technology. An example is training on how to best use Microsoft Teams Tasks.

What does the IT Audit include?

Our annual IT audit helps you better understand opportunities for growth and improvement, including internal and external risks facing your organization.

What happens if an issue can't be resolved remotely?

When work cannot be completed remotely, on-site escalation is available within in covered metropolitan areas.