At Virtuas, we always strive to keep our clients updated on the latest developments in the Windows ecosystem. This includes the latest Windows 23H2 update and a powerful new feature for PCs: Copilot – a personal AI assistant. Windows 23H2 Copilot simplifies and enhances the user experience by assisting with various tasks, such as finding files, creating documents, editing media, troubleshooting issues, learning new skills, and more. In this blog post, we discuss 5 major benefits from using Copilot to unleash the power of AI.

Windows 23H2 Copilot Find Files with Ease

Searching for files or information online can be time-consuming and frustrating. With Windows 23H2 Copilot, businesses can save time and hassle by simply asking it to find what users need by using natural language commands and queries. For example, if users need to find the latest sales report in Excel, they can say, “Find the latest sales report in Excel,” and Copilot will do the rest. It will understand requests and give users relevant results in a pop-up window. Organizations can also refine their search by adding more details or filters to the query.

Documents Are Created Effortlessly

Writing can be challenging and time-consuming, especially when users have a deadline or a complex topic. AI technology can help overcome writer’s block and generate content based on needs and preferences. For example, employees needing to create a PowerPoint presentation about the Windows 23H2 update could ask Copilot to do it. It will use advanced language models and organizational data to help create a professional and engaging presentation in minutes. Businesses can also customize documents’ content, style, and tone according to the audience and purpose.

Edits Are Made Professionally

Editing photos, videos, or audio files can be daunting and tedious. With Copilot, users can enjoy a smooth and easy editing experience. Copilot offers AI-powered tools that apply filters, adjust colors and lighting, crop and erase unwanted elements, and more. Users can also use voice commands to edit media files. For example, if a user wanted to edit a company photo and add some filters, they could ask Copilot to do it. It will use advanced image processing techniques to create stunning visuals for projects. Users can also preview and modify the results as they wish.

Issues Are Fixed Efficiently

Copilot is not only a productivity tool; it’s also a problem-solving tool. It can help businesses fix issues or errors on their PC or network without contacting support and waiting for their response. It can diagnose the issue, provide suggestions and tips, and guide users through the steps to resolve it. For example, if the internet connection is slow on a user’s PC, they can ask Copilot to fix it. Copilot will analyze the network status, check the router settings, optimize the browser performance, and more.

Users Can Learn New Skills

Organizations can acquire new knowledge or abilities by providing relevant information, resources, tutorials, and feedback with Copilot. It can also quiz employees on what they have learned and track progress. Users can use voice commands to learn a variety of lessons and topics. For example, if employees want to learn Photoshop or understand nuclear fusion, they can ask Copilot to provide an in-depth lesson. It will use advanced learning models and organizational data to help organizations learn at their own pace and level. Businesses can also customize learning goals, preferences, and feedback options.


The new Windows 23H2 update with its AI Assistant Copilot is designed to simplify and enhance the user PC experience by providing various features that can assist with tasks, projects, and learning goals. Contact us at Virtuas to learn more about these new features and discover how AI can transform PC performance.



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