At Virtuas, we pride ourselves on working with and donating to many local nonprofits. The nonprofits we work with address a variety of social, environmental, and humanitarian issues. As a Benefit Corporation, we understand the role these organizations play in our community and want to support them. We provide a 50% discount on managed services and IT consulting for nonprofit organizations. Below are our thoughts on why working with nonprofits benefits us all.

We Do Not Profit from Nonprofits.

Offering discounted rates to nonprofits is a way of recognizing and honoring their impact on our community. We choose not to be profitable with our nonprofit clients instead, we charge our for-profit clients a fair rate, allowing us to maintain profitability. This model will enable us to help nonprofits do what they do best. Funding that would have been spent on managed service and IT consulting can instead be used to help solve issues and do impactful work. We hope that providing discounted rates to our nonprofit partners will allow them to devote more resources to their core mission.  

We Want to Provide the Best Service to Nonprofits.

Our current business model of being profitable to all clients except nonprofits allows us to provide the best service for all. When a nonprofit is looking for an IT service provider, they are either met with nonprofit organizations that cannot retain internal talent or for-profit organizations that do not care about the budgetary restrictions and nuances that come with operating a nonprofit organization. There are currently few nonprofit IT service providers and the ones that exist have downsides. Due to their restrictive budget, nonprofit IT service providers have trouble paying competitive wages and retaining talent.

For-profit IT service providers often will not view their nonprofit clients as different from their for-profit clients. The for-profit organizations that specifically work with nonprofits cannot pay competitive wages, have difficulty keeping talent, and often overcharge for their services. We can retain talent and provide the best services to all our clients because we are profitable from our for-profit clients.

We are Working Towards an Equitable Society. 

Contributing to the betterment of our community is one of our core values. We work with and donate to local organizations putting time and effort into our community. The nonprofits we support often work with marginalized communities or address systemic issues that affect vulnerable populations. Working with nonprofit partners can help make the world more equitable and bolster our community. 

As a Benefit Corporation, we share goals with many of the nonprofit organizations we work with. We are redefining what it means to be an IT service provider and our ongoing commitment to nonprofits is one way of achieving that.

We Want to Build Relationships. 

We want to help create strong working relationships with the nonprofits doing impactful work. Developing relationships with nonprofits actively working to better our community allows us to demonstrate and live out our values. By offering discounts, we are working towards building stronger partnerships and relationships with nonprofits.

At Virtuas, we believe supporting nonprofit organizations can help create a better world for all. We are proud to work with organizations that are continuing to make a difference and look forward to continuing to support these organizations in the years to come.

Is your organization a nonprofit with managed service or IT consulting needs? Contact us at Virtuas for a 50% discount on all our services.



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